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The End: Track & Field

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Track & Field is a sport with possibly the highest of highs and lowest of lows. It is the same sport that a hundredth of a second can make the difference in deciding first and fourth place. The sport is known to most, as a lot of people generally watch the Track & Field events during the Olympics. Over the weekend I competed in the Alberta Schools Athletic Association High School Track & Field Provincials. My event was the 100m hurdles. To qualify for the Provincials one must place top 2 in their event in each of the 8 Alberta zone meets however, to get to zones one must place top 4 in their smaller division meet. As it is now evident, the road to Provincials is no small feat. The fun was to miss school and go on a trip to Calgary but the real story is in the preparation for this event. The training for these Provincials begins at the beginning of the school year lasting for me up to Provincials but for others it will continue right through the summer, as the other athletes look to qualify for the Legion National Championships or compete in other summer meets. Track & Field requires the utmost focus and supreme determination. The struggle is tremendous and track athletes gain a significant amount of mental fortitude from their daily grind. I am blessed to have been able to compete in this sport since grade 7 and just this last year I was able to train with the top track club in Alberta. Track & Field brought much fun to my athletic career but sadly this weekend was the last off it for me. I learned many lessons running track and was pushed to new heights training with some of the top athletes in the country. Image

I would like to give the sport the thorough goodbye it deserves, as it treated me well the last six years.


Local Hoopster Is Aiming High

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Local Hoopster Is Aiming High

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to share the full length video on Global News Edmonton with my Coach and I!