Month: July 2014

The Journey: Change

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In all seriousness, America is different. One would think that the United States would be ever so similar to Canada but as I have now found out, such is not the case. In my short stay here, I have seen differences in a multitude of things, ranging from weather, to the culture, even differences in basketball. All of these differences are not necessarily bad however, in a way they can provide a sense of culture shock. For me, most of the change comes from adjusting to the difference in basketball. Not only are the players two times better, but the style of play is entirely different. In the United States, the game is more up and down. One will find out very quickly that shots are hard to come by. The game is more athletic here and you will not survive if you can not defend the ball. Aside from on the court, my training schedule is very different. The intensity is ramped up about ten notches and the volume of training is magnified in order to achieve optimum performance. After tearing up your body, the expectation is that you attend class and participate with an open mind. The first few days doing so, I would be very tired after a long day of weights, practice, class and individual workouts. Going two weeks strong on this intense training regimen, I have been able to progress physically, mentally and academically. Here at Central Arkansas, we will continue to train hard, as we open up the season at Creighton on November 14.


The Journey Begins

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It was a long and hard road to get to the Division 1 level but finally I am here. With the odds stacked up against me, it is more than a blessing to be given an opportunity to play the highest level of amateur basketball in the world. Including Canada, less than two percent of all high school basketball players move forward to play basketball at the Division 1 level. Of those to earn US scholarships, there has only been 4 in the history of Edmonton basketball to precede me. Accomplishing such a daunting task is monumental and is a statement to the extent I wanted to achieve my goals. However, all celebrations and feeling jolly is over. The journey has begun and the tides have shifted. New goals must be set and some self evaluation must be done. Those who excel here at this level are not just naturally talented but they work hard, listen to their coaches and do what is asked of them. My job in these summer months is to be a sponge and not a brick. It is also, to learn the crafts of the Division 1 level by watching film, learning plays and noting good habits of the veterans in the locker room. Mountains of work must be done to break the transition from high school to Division 1. To start things off, ample amounts of weightlifting must be done to in these summer months. The physicality and intensity of Division 1 basketball will require one hundred percent effort in the preparation on the court and in the classroom. I am here now in Arkansas not only to work on my basketball game but to get ahead in my degree and lighten my in-season load by taking summer courses. Along with improving on the basketball court, I must exemplify being a true student athlete.