Month: September 2014

The Journey: Development

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IMG_3679_0Summer is over! Amidst school having begun already or beginning this week for the rest, the realization that summer is over has come to us all. Being away from home for 9 weeks now, I have been able to adapt to my new environment. It is now early September and most of you are wondering just where July and August has gone. For me, my days were spent gearing up for the upcoming college basketball season. This summer, basketball training was accompanied with full school days and numerous hours of study hall per week. Having just graduated high school prior to my journey to Arkansas everything was new to me. Thus said, adjustments were made and I was able to develop holistically. Not only have I improved my basketball skills but this summer I added physical strength, mass and now have the wisdom of a university semester under my belt. All these improvements fall under development. This development is what I look for, as I head into my first college basketball season. With Creighton, Nebraska, New Mexico and Stephen F. Austin on this year’s schedule, it is crucial I make progress as a student-athlete and develop myself on and off the court in order to help my team. Fall inches closer and closer and we are preparing for the first day of official practice. As the first game is just two short months away, there is a sense of urgency in every rep of every practice and every workout.