The Journey: The Best Is yet to Come

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CU8KDxeUYAA3jaEThey say the third time’s the charm, so that is how it will be. After finishing my two-month summer working hard with Coach Tex and Coach Blaine in Edmonton, I am now three weeks into my third year at the Central Arkansas and I look forward to making it the best. However, this year will not be like the other two. Looking back at it, my first year as a freshman was mostly a learning year. You don’t know, what you don’t know. Quickly, you find out what you are not good at and these are the things you spend your off season working on. For me, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a redshirt year in which, I was able to purely work on my game. Furthermore, I fine tuned my skills and added 20 pounds but my improvements were not just physical. While redshirting the knowledge I gained was compounding and it allowed me to work on the mental aspect of the game. The last two years I made some serious deposits. This year it’s all about the withdrawals. As the pre-season progresses, the real season inches closer and closer. The time to cash in is coming and the excitement propels me to train harder and harder everyday. The future is bright with the best yet to come.




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