The Journey: Graduation

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Approximately two-thirds of today’s population goes to university or college after high school. It is just over half of those, who enroll in college that finish. Furthermore, being a student athlete the difficulty of graduating increases two-fold. Student athletes are tasked with a workload that allows no time for anything outside of school and sport. During the year, there are countless hours of practice and weight room sessions. Numerous hours are spent on game film study and mandatory study hall hours. Moreover, student athletes are asked to not only take classes like regular students but the job of a true student athlete, is to excel in these classes. Make no mistake, this journal entry is no pity party. While the information stated above is entirely accurate, I was still able to obtain my 4-year degree in 3 years. This is no small feat. Not only did I participate in all team activities, I took a course load that is above and beyond what can be deemed as regular. Doing my degree this way at times seemed stressful. Some may say this took away from my college basketball experience. I would not change my decision, as the stress I had gone through is now valuable life experience. My mother has a master’s degree and my father a doctorate; my family influenced me heavily to graduate. As well, I had the support of my coaching staff.  As it relates to basketball, finishing my undergraduate degree on the front end, leaves my last two years with a relatively lighter graduate school schedule. The future is bright. In the next two years, I will be working on my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science while finishing my pre-med requisites. I have two years of remaining basketball eligibility and I plan to use them all. The sky is the limit!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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