Diaries of a Redshirt

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Encompassing a trip to France, basic everyday routines, travelling for games to Las Vegas and all over the country, watching our team compete against ranked opponents, sophomore year was interesting to say the least. In my second season at Central Arkansas, I decided to take the eminent redshirt. Though highly unpopular among athletes, redshirting may single handedly be one of the best decisions I have ever made. By definition, the “red-shirt” designation means I was a sophomore in college who practiced683195A3-E581-43CE-8AD5-A3012ADE7C8EΒ with the team but did not play in any games. The past season will not count against my four years of NCAA eligibility, allowing me to play four full seasons. For me, redshirting, in more ways than one can be described as hard workout you dread to do; you know you will get better and you must do this workout but the grind and agony can be somewhat daunting. To me, redshirting was a year long workout. During said workout, it is hard and you may not enjoy such discomfort but you do it anyway. After it is done, you are glad you did it and you come out better than you were in the beginning. This statement epitomizes my year. Having to sit and watch was somewhat challenging but because so much was learned, minute affliction such as sitting out proved itself to be miniscule. Though redshirting tested my character and will, it was all for the better and I am very glad to have done it.Attachment-1